The UNIVERSAL TOBACCO COMPANY and NEW & NEXT are key sales forces specializing in the tobacconist industry with extensive experience in tobacco, smoking accessories, drinks and gifts.

Because of their wide experience in the tobacconist industry, major multinationals have entrusted these sales teams with launching their products on the Spanish market.

Through their work, UNIVERSAL TOBACCO COMPANY and NEW & NEXT have succeeded in positioning some of their brands among the Top 10 in the cigarette rankings, the Top 5 rolling and pipe tobacco brands and as leaders of the slim cigarette market segment.

In 2015 there was a change in legislation permitting the sale of other product categories such as beverages and gift items in the tobacconist industry. In view of this legislative change both sales forces have adapted to the demand for convenience categories in tobacconists by adding new products to their portfolios, and advising clients with a view to providing new business opportunities with beverages, smoking accessories and gift items.