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Family business with a long history
in the tobacco sector

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COMET is a family business with a long history in the tobacco sector. Its origin dates back to 1881, passing experience in the tobacco business through several generations until today.
As a tobacco distributor, COMET began operating wholesale in Spain in 1999, and in just three years after its launch, in 2002, it became the second largest tobacco distributor in terms of the volume of references it works with. and by the number of points to which it distributes.
COMET's headquarters are located in Madrid, the headquarters from which the integration of all distribution, financial, commercial and marketing services is carried out.
Clients and partners from all over the world trust COMET for its commitment to always offering a qualified and flexible service to demand, and extensive knowledge of the market and its needs that allows the development of its service portfolio in a very competitive way.

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Our purpose is to provide the best service to collaborating companies and clients, attending to their needs, with the best national and international brands through competitive service alternatives, and being more agile and flexible thanks to the systems more innovative distribution systems.


Position ourselves as the main purchasing option for the sealed channel, earning their trust through experience, service and the variety of products in the portfolio.


Our values represent our identity as a collective. Differentiation is achieved through the commitment of the people who make up COMET whose teamwork, always in search of excellence, and focused on the client and results, They make our common goal to build solid, reliable and long-lasting relationships.


Distribution of tobacco, beverages and other products
through a differential and personalized service.

Personalized attention adapted to each need.

Fast order deliveries in a maximum of 48/72 hours.

Different options to facilitate financing.

Free 12-hour uninterrupted call center.